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Conversation between ProjectRandom and Dr. Mannulus

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Conversation between ProjectRandom and Dr. Mannulus

Post  Dr. Mannulus on Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:47 am

7:03 AM - ProjectRandom: I'll be on all day tomorrow I believe.
7:05 AM - ProjectRandom: But remember.
7:05 AM - ProjectRandom: I'm only a crack.
7:05 AM - ProjectRandom: In this castle of glass.

7:05 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: I will.
7:05 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: Fuck you up.
7:05 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: If you keep quoting linkin park.
7:05 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: xD

7:05 AM - ProjectRandom: Why?
7:05 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: Idk.
7:05 AM - ProjectRandom: In the end, it doesn't even matter.
7:05 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: LOL
7:05 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: U cheesy bastard.
7:06 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: Have you become so numb?

7:06 AM - ProjectRandom: Fine, I'll stop.
7:06 AM - ProjectRandom: But this is not the end.

7:07 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: Eugh, I think I will just close both blinds and walk away.
7:08 AM - ProjectRandom: Great.
7:08 AM - ProjectRandom: The cycle repeated. Again.

7:08 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: Yep. And so the sun will set for you.
7:08 AM - ProjectRandom: Shut up.
7:08 AM - ProjectRandom: Or I'll tear you a new divide.

7:09 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: xD
7:09 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: Fine. Shall we just burn it down?

7:10 AM - ProjectRandom: Burn what down? You're confusing what is real.
7:12 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: Pff, just leave out all the rest because I have Given Up since it feels like you are Pushing Me Away. So I guess we better get to Breaking The Habit on making Linkin Park references. So In The End there is No More Sorrow doing this.
7:12 AM - ProjectRandom: Why are you so uptight today?
7:12 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: I got this fucking Papercut on my thumb.
7:12 AM - ProjectRandom: Right beneath your skin?
7:13 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: Hurts so much I am Crawling.
7:13 AM - ProjectRandom: So bad you could just Faint.
7:13 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: Right now it's going to just Bleed It Out.
7:14 AM - ProjectRandom: Don't go into the light that never comes.
7:14 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: Fine. I will just be here Waiting For The End.
7:15 AM - ProjectRandom: *deep breath*
7:15 AM - ProjectRandom: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

7:15 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: What? Did something get Lost in the Echo?
7:16 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: Woah.
7:16 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: Thats a real Catalyst for A Thousand Suns.
7:18 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: ...

7:18 AM - ProjectRandom: I died in a nuclear explosion.
7:18 AM - ProjectRandom: I c an't
7:18 AM - ProjectRandom: f

7:18 AM - [GDNM-O] Dr. Mannulus: You will never be "Forgotten".
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