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Post  Dr. Mannulus on Wed Feb 05, 2014 6:34 am


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The war in the over. A bloody three day war between the factions of the SunGuard and the Civil Protection from City 18 ended with the SunGuard walking into the main base, where the units still there surrendered and were let go peacefully. The Sectorial Commander of the forces had forfeited and surrendered his rank at the end, disappearing into the forest (ProjectRandom, come back. Violence is over! Passive time!).

Unit 44027 of the City 18 Civil Protection Force was promoted to Sectorial Commander. This marks a historic day in which a low ranking unit was given the highest rank possible . Many are watching this unit to see how they handle being a SeC in the city. Some have doubts, hoping that if the unit begins to mess up, a replacement may be called in. Some have elected the DvL of UNION for the position while others voted for DvL of HELIX. So far, voices have been left unconfirmed by official sources.

In other news, civilians have been captured and brought back to the city one by one, where they will continue their lives in safe harmony of the Universal Union. More photos and video by local sources are being confirmed at this time and will be presented here or elsewhere as it appears.
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