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TunCEP Barrier Erected!

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TunCEP Barrier Erected! Empty TunCEP Barrier Erected!

Post  Dr. Mannulus on Fri Feb 14, 2014 5:38 am

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The Universal Union recently erected a mammoth sized TunCEP after the recent events of a unknown citizen escaping into Sector 5. Normally this is not an issue, however the citizen was not located for off-world assignment; This makes the Universal Union believe that the citizen has escaped into a hidden base, possibly belonging to that of a hostile resistance cell. This is a record setting situation, where something like this has not occurred in over two weeks. Security has tighten around the city as the Civil Protection begins to do more random searches and sweeps of the city blocks and sectors have become increasingly common. All citizens are advised to be on the lookout for anyone coming out of Sector 5, and to report it immediately to a Ground Protection Team for a great reward. Remember, civil obedience is the only one to the light of unification.

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