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'A Brave New World.' - Book for InGame.

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'A Brave New World.' - Book for InGame.

Post  Crafty on Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:35 pm

This is my book I have wrote by myself for my character to publish within the IC world!

'A Brave New World'
By Levi Garchozi.

Chapter 1 -

In a world, where the grass was green and the sea was blue. The air calming as usual never to be disturbed by any force. The landscapes were fresh, the earth was fine and not a feral or tainted imagination was occurring. You'd think this is a romance story or some kind of calm and smooth story.. You were wrong.

The Earth had it's fair share of problems as they grew as a planet and being in conflict and peace, harmony and in a world where the world didn't have to worry about anything being wrong. It was also right as it should be. The people were all different in shape, size and characteristics. Everyone and thing was different in it's own mind. It's a different world now..

Chapter 2 -
The UU [Universal Union] is a force that came to Earth and refused to listen to the human's belief's because they thought it was a bad belief, war and a stricken Earth of conflict, murder and crime. They fought hard and after 7 hours they finally took the Earth's leaders down to dust to prevent their ways ever being brought back up again.

The 'Combine' are their solider force and battle rebels and Resistance who fight the Combine and don't accept their ways, in my opinion the Combine are our saviors...

Chapter 3 -
In this new world order, the UU have put their ways upon us and crimes are rarely a problem. Everything is how it should be and no-one is killing unless it's the rebels trying to make the old ways come back. Most people agree that this is the case and want them to stay dead. They prefer the new world compared to the old world...
It's a new generations and the rebels need to understand the severity of this new world... It's better and the economy will grow faster and the world will be brought up as a whole..

My opinion is the UU are the best thing the earth has received in a long time, brought peace and justice to the world. Something we never could.

- By Levi Garchozi - Italian Writer and Publisher.
* Glory to the Universal Union*


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