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Dr. Mannulus on Room Clearing.

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Dr. Mannulus on Room Clearing.

Post  Dr. Mannulus on Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:53 am

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After yesterday's big dynamic event and large citizen population, it has been brought to me why room clearing for the Civil Protection is what it is and not something more militaristic or something else. In short, the question I am asked most is:

"Why does the Civil Protection room clear the way it does?"


First off, room clearing is part of the art of Close Quarter Battle (CQB). It is a very intense, many definition and dynamic art of battle. The current setup for the Civil Protection is a old modular breaching formation designed in 2010. The reason it was kept the same for the longest time was because it worked...mostly. The design was created by me in the quest to make something that can be modified on the go, allowed additional units comfortably and MOST IMPORTANTLY, was easy to learn and to teach.

Let's be honest here, most CPs here would still be RCTs if they would be required to learn everything about CQB. This includes things such as: Buttonhooking, Crossovers, Quick-Peeks, Slicing the Pie, High and Low, Wedges, Delta Wedges, Running the Wall, 2/4 Man Penetration, etc. and that is just for entry! That does not cover movement and so on. The only division that requires such intense CQB learning are GHOST units and more importantly, GDNM S6I Operators (Which is a whole other topic). They are also taught to our Overwatch forces, the Tactical Response Units. (Thus why I restrict who has such a whitelist).

So thus, things like the High and Low as seen below will not be trained to every individual unit and instead the old modular concept will be used for the time being. Though as a teaser, this won't be for long...

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Interested in CQB? Want a true "Tactical Shooter"? I heavily recommend the new "Simulator/game" known as Door Kickers. Which you can check out by clicking [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Here is even a picture that I took of me ingame using one of 30+ ideas I have for something regarding GDNM for the future...

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