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Post  Dr. Mannulus on Sun Dec 07, 2014 8:58 am

This is simply a list of all the things I as an Owner or this community has made in part by the Administration or otherwise in terms of mistakes.

1.) Waivers. They are now called practically every. single. day. And while crime rate is running at 0.3 CPH (Crimes Per Hour), are we really at that level? Waivers are meant for very serious things, not citizens who get into the slums.

2.) Metagaming. Let us be honest here. The mistake made on 12/6/2014 with the citizens who got into the slums and ended up in the rebel base is a double edged sword failure. First off, it was clear we metagamed that we knew they escaped the city. Those citizens didn't even get to enjoy that accomplishment because ten minutes later, a Civil Protection assault force blew the wall down literally and killed any inside a hideout. Yes, they were not suppose to go in there because how else would they find out about it? At the same time, we could of handled it better.

Secondly, we knew about the base because of one of our own units was shown it before. However was it really needed to go Auto Waiver just for three guys?

3.) Lack of Citizen Activities. This is a problem. Citizens get on most days now to just get rations, shot at and ziptied. Their events consist of watching CP's fight off Exogen and Necrotics. What about them? The citizens? The most important part of a playerbase?

4.) Pills. The pills were added for very unique events and to assist in roleplay for clockwork's faults. Admins deciding to (without my permission) become a animal and doing what they wish is not allowed. You can request it, but if I say no...that means no.

5.) This goes for observer as well. The only people that needs to be in Observer is me and even then, not me. I can handle the majority of issues, it is my job as Owner to make sure everyone around me is roleplaying in fairness and with fun. Tired of seeing Operators and Admins as soon as they join hop in Obs mode and act like they run the place.

I will add more to this list later but lets go ahead and address how we can fix these mistakes.

1.) Stop the waiver bullshit. Judgement and Auto needs to be saved for actual emergencies. If a bunch of individuals got their hands on firearms and began shooting up the damn place, yes use it. If a citizen jumps the TunCEP barrier and runs, no we don't need Auto.

2.) Remember our duties as Admins. We are here to make sure that when that person logs off for the day, THEY had fun. We are ruining their roleplay and have done it time and time again, it needs to stop. I will be talking with the administration regarding this.

3.) Efforts are underway to get CWU ready and the Factories. However delays due to laziness has been paramount to why they are not being used. They are all fully decorated and ready, just no effort has been made to do it. To fix that, in the coming days we will open the factory for temporary activities and CWU for permanent. We will do these by IC means and hope it goes well.

4.) Pills are now completely off limits. Any Op+ caught using a pill will be stripped of their admin rights on the spot. If I call on you to help with them, then it is acceptable.

5.) Operators are not allowed in Obs at all. They handle things on a local level and are in training. The no obs rule is a part of their discipline. Admins, you are our primary line of defense. If someone requests help on the teamspeak you can go help them. But stay the hell out of obs for the rest. SuperAdmins, you are the advisors, you help take a load off me during our work. But remember to have fun yourselves.

That is all I have to say.

Andrea Stella - Deceased
Dr. Mannulus
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