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Nicholas Mansonia Empty Nicholas Mansonia

Post  Yozap on Fri Nov 30, 2012 11:49 pm

Name: Nicholas Mansonia
Age: 25
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 127 Lb
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Education Level: Bachelors in Computer Engineering/ Associates in Information Technology, and Electrical Engineering.
Birth Date:5/19/2000



As he walked down the damp, muggy alley-way, he grimaced at the slight smell of death. As his eyes ran across the surface of the brick walls, he noticed a small beast laying facedown on the cement, flies zipping down at it repeatedly. When he stepped by it, he pulled his leather jacket over his mouth, knowing the flies would instantly fly off the dead beast. In responce, they did. In perfect formation, then swarmed around him once or twice, then heading back down to its scavenged meal. Stepping out of the alleyway, he glances at the cars once or twice before stepping across the street. Looking up, he observed that the sky was darknening slowly, clouds swirling in a funnel formation. He looked down, shaking his head.
"Must be about to rain," He mumbled to himself silently, pulling his hood over his dark haired head.
He tensed slightly, looking up at the sky. The funnel had grown larger in the past seconds, a purple and orange tint outlining it. The next thing he knew, he was running. Running harder than he could, then he should be. As his mind processed, he thought, "Hurricane, tornado...? Hail storm..? What the he-" Gunshots wrang out, ending as soon as they began. He turned the corner to see uniformed men at the same height lining people against the wall, all of them in pearly white Kevlar, with small Gas Masks lined across their faces. As the gunshots wrang out again, their guns emitted small pulses of energy, Nicholas instantly knowing that they would quickly penetrate his flesh, causing a deep burn that would last for ages, probably crippling him. As soon as he had peeked around the corner, one of these... 'Aliens' instantly noticed him. Beckoning him over, shooting the ground a few times- not to mention, steaming air following soon after- he quickly ran over, nodding to the man. He gestured to the wall,
"Hands behind your head, citizen. Do not speak a wor-"
"Unit, weapons down. The Sector leader has called a cease. We need to load these slugs onto trains,"
Quick 'Yes Sirs' and 'Affirmative' broke out, and Nicholas found his hands binded behind his back, loaded into a small transport vehicle.
The train was a dark, grey tint, a line already formed outside. The men In the pearly Kevlar had held their rifles against their chest in defiance, the radios echoing off the train.
“Citizen. Get on the train.”
“Y-yes sir...” Nicholas had not wasted a moment; he piled onto the loading ramp, into a dark train car, filled with others. The people did not speak a word, only watched in silence. Nicholas looked around him, a balding man with raggedy clothes was perched against the wall, dark freckles covered his face. Nicholas then looked to the door, still being filled with other people clambering inside.
A large voice boomed from overhead, “Destination; City Seventeen.”
Nicholas had racing thoughts, not only of those around him, but of himself. The large door in which he entered on had rolled up, sealing off what little light they had. Suddenly, three overhead lights flicked on, although they only show a dim glow. From the front of the train, a man had yelled loud enough for his voice to echo off the back of the car, hurting most everyone’s ears.”
“We need to open the door!”
Nicholas hadn’t thought of that, “What if the door could be opened?” he thought.
“Yeah! Everyone ram it!”
Anarchy across the train. Lots had a look of confusion, while others had looks of anger. Many people had shoved Nicholas and a few others a side, getting closer to the door. Nicholas stood, mesmerized by their defiance.
“On three! One… Two… Three!”
Everyone ran for the door, suddenly the train jolted, Nicholas almost losing his footing. The door has merely moved but an inch, showing no light from the outside.
“Everyone help!” Another citizen had screamed inside the car. Nicholas was ever the more confused at this point, although he had found himself moving to the door, helping them push against it. With the combined weight of all the citizens, the door had begun to lean out.
After several attempts more of ramming, the door had unlatched itself from the train, clambering to the ground.
“Security breach, train car 1-0-0-7-6-7-4-5.” The voice boomed overhead again.
The door had been dragging itself for nearly thirty seconds now, each person remained still, in awe of their new accomplishment. Finally, one man had jumped from the train, falling out of sight quickly. Soon followed by other, they all had jumped. Large thunderous cracks had roared out, then the screams of men. Nicholas turned to the screams, only to see a turret had dropped from the wall, shooting his fellow escapees.
Nicholas had a decision, jump or die. He jumped.
He hit the ground with a thud, rolling as his body blossomed with pain. When he came to a stop, he had noticed the men with the Kevlar standing on the train with their rifles. Nicholas forced himself up, and then realized he was In serious trouble. Larges cracks rang out towards him, followed with dust kicking up near him.
“Shit” He thought, the rounds now flew past him. He began to run towards a cliff, the men in Kevlar still on the train. He kept running, and running, and running. Finally he collapsed.
He woke up in a confused state, looking around. Closer to the tracks were the bodies of several dead men and woman, each burned with the rounds. He sat up In the sand, bringing his hands to his face, he had almost never cried before, but this was different.
He finally had the power to stand up and walk to the cliff, he looked around, and saw nothing. His curiosity did not defeat him for once, he went to the to track, slowly. Their he saw a man on the ground, laying face down.
“Are you okay?” Nicholas proclaimed. The man had twitched.
Nicholas leaned down, flipping the man over. The man’s face was burned heavily, his features mixed in melting flesh and blood. The sand was hot and bloody, along with pieces of skin attached to the sand.
Nicholas checked his only bag, only four bottles of water. He began to walk. And he walked for a long time.



- Highly Intelligent

- Quick Thinker

- Aggressive

- Diplomatic

-Advanced knowledge of small and large weaponry (85% success rate) (Auth Needed)

- Able to use advanced computer (Auth Needed)

- Able to repair vehicles (Auth needed)

- Able to produce firearms and munitions (Auth Needed)


- Unable to use explosive weaponry- (90% Fail rate)

-Unable to administer critical aid- (70% fail rate)

-Tends to dislike people who don't practice his religion.

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What is this... 1942? :0

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