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Post  Demonic Bunny on Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:51 pm

Name: Haiedric Herrmann
Age: 43
Height: 5.74 feet.
Weight: 143
Hair Color: Dark brown.
Education Level: Basic first AID in Ballistics. PhD in Agronomy
Birth Date: 1969:10:07



Haiedric was born in Frankfurt, Germany at Berufsgenossenschaftliche Unfallklinik Hospital. He was a shy, quiet kid, who grew up on his father’s farm on the outskirts of the city. Every morning, at oh-five hundred hours, he would wake up, and perform his daily duties. His job was simple, feed the live stock and water the vegetation. At oh-seven hundred hours, he would ready himself for school and eat breakfast. As soon as he was ready for school, he would walk downstairs, sit at the table, and then begin learning. His mother, Anni Herrmann, was a great teacher; she always expected the most out of him. Haiedric worked his hardest, or at least as hard as he could. Struggling was a big suit of his; he could never excel in subjects such as English or math.

After every long day of school, at thirteen hundred hours, he would go outside, and sit on his porch. He sat on his porch watching, waiting, observing nature. Haiedric wasn’t sure what it was that intrigued him about nature. Was it the great mystery? Was it the smell? Sound? Color? Hours, he would watch and observe wondering what is out there. Every day, he would sit and wait; waiting for his father to drive up the dirt road. It seemed like years Haiedric waited, but in reality, it is months. Never knowing how long it will take his father to come back, if ever. Every six to seven months, his father would drive up the dirt road, exiting his car wearing his USMC camouflage uniform with a giant smile. Haiedric becomes enlightened to know what will come in the next few days. He looks forward to the tiny little lessons his father teaches him about basic medical knowledge. Something about extracting bullets, or cauterizing wounds in the field intrigued him; he was not sure. Every six to seven months, for 18 years, his father would come back and teach Haiedric a lesson medical.

Years of farm work, and years of his fathers paycheck added up. When his 18th birthday approached, he received a letter in the mail. Unsure on what it was, he anxiously opened it. After unfolding the letter he began to read as his eyes widen with confusion. He began to ask his mother questions about the letter. Confused, his mother read the letter as her eyes began to widen with joy, she began to cheer with excitement repeating, “You were accepted to Technische Hochschule!” she then continues “It’s a college! You are going to college!” Unsure when he was at the college he began to take a class called “Agronomy”. He was familiar with the subject, it was similar to farming. Considering he farmed for ten years, he assumed he knew everything about it. In his first four years, he learned so much. Learning things he would have never known, such as harnessing energy from plants, or breeding of new plants. In the class, they taught chemistry with it. Intrigued to take more years of the class, he sent his mother a letter requesting money to pay for more semesters. He continued to take this class for an extra four years earning his PhD.

After accepting a job in the field of Agronomy at Sandia Labs in the United States, he worked there for many years. He began to gain more and more experience over the many years, and gained more knowledge. Haiedric worked on many projects throughout his years, and began to receive more and more promotions. He advised many lab experiments, and realized all the possible options that are available with Agronomy. His favorite experiments that he loved to advise and observe were the ones with chemistry and explosives.

One day, realizing his life going by, he began to think of everything he has done. Haiedric was sitting on his porch, rocking back and forth looking out at the land. He could feel a slight breeze move between the chair and his back, cooling the sweat. Closing his eyes, he began to relax taking in the sound and smell of nature, like he always loved. As he sat there with his eyes closed, he heard a drowned out sound; an unfamiliar one. It sounded like a malfunctioned machine; he opened up his eyes looking in the distance. A black dot was in the distance, he squinted his eyes as it began to become bigger, the sound louder.

A flash occurred; his eyes begin adjusting as sweat drizzles down his face. A loud propeller sound is heard, he wipes the sweat from his eyes as he looks around at the netting. The metal vibrates under his seat; he shifts his head behind him looking outside. His eyes adjust within a second looking through the window below him at the dirt. The ground seemed to be shifting fast; he begins to pick out certain objects on the ground. He looks back in front of him at the other people in the chopper. He hunches back over, putting his legs together and his head near his knees. He holds his hands together resting them on his thighs as he closes his eyes, and then slowly opens them. This is where Haidrec Herrmann’s story begins…



- Informative

- Able to think on his feet.

- Intelligent

- Advisor

- Organized


- Basic knowledge of Ballistic first AID. (Need auth)

- Advanced knowledge in Agronomy. (Need auth)


- 95% Inefficient in medical procedures under panic.

- 79% Inaccurate when firing a weapon (Able to improve with training)

- Unable to work in unsuitable environments.

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