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Post  ProjectRandom on Sun Dec 16, 2012 12:42 am

NOTICE: This information is a report based off of known archives of subject(s) history and backstory. Some information may be speculation determined by observation of said subject(s) or may be


Name: Aaron White

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Weight: 185 ibs.

Eye Color: Dark Blue

IQ Rating: 120 (Superior/Very Intelligent - Stanford-Binet)

Handedness: Left


It is without question that Aaron has lived a hard life. Nothing so far is known about his parents, and he seems jaded, worn out, and generally older than his age. As a child, he grew up with moderate to severe eczema, a skin condition that at times left him immobile or in great amounts of pain. This seems to have made him used to pain and suffering, and generally seems "tougher" than most. He sees hardship as an opportunity to better oneself, similar to the way the body becomes immune to certain diseases after recovery. He did not have a home, and was forced to fend for himself, giving him much experience in hand-to-hand combat, though he never had a lethal fight during this period (as far as we can tell). A nomad at heart and experience, he travelled and moved from place to place, always having to provide for himself. Earning everything he had was the only thing he knew. He had a particular interest in learning, however. He did what he could to get his hands on literature and discovered the superior intellect that was inside him for so long. Perhaps he wasn't academically knowledgeable, but he was a very deep thinker in his youth and this shows and is true today. I want to have his IQ rating tested with the Stanford Binet format.

As he became a young man, he was no longer targeted by young bullies, but grown thugs, meaning he had to take violence to the next level. Always living in rough areas, he became accustomed with makeshift melee weapons and knives, as well as brutal fighting techniques. However, this never seems to have escalated beyond broken bones and cuts. He did not have any blood on his hands, and had no idea what it was like to kill a man, even though he knew how. There is little physical weakness in Aaron, he has clearly been through hell his whole life.

Aaron's mid to late twenties was when I first met him. Our squad was scouting the outlands, stripping citizens of weapons and searching for potential candidates for the newly-founded Civil Protection. Some citizens weren't taking too well to our "intrusion" as they put it, and it escalated to a firefight. Things were even, the fight clearly wasn't going anywhere. That is, until Aaron noticed the encounter and decided to investigate from behind the anti-citizens. He had some kind of makeshift tomahawk, it was crude and primitive and was obviously crafted by him. He tried to speak to them, but the only one that turned around attacked him. Aaron impulsively sunk the tomahawk into the man's face, but his eyes widens and he stumbled backwards, before being shot in the shoulder by one of my units from afar. When we had cleaned up the situation, one of the units in the squad was about to shoot Aaron, when I stopped him. I saw the potential in this boy. He was a crude fighter and inexperienced by the looks of things, but he was a bastion of potential. And if he failed, he would die. I soon had him recovered and made him write up an application, which he was open to. And thus, it is still pending. We will see how he does soon.


Intelligent - It is astounding how he has learned things himself, and he clearly is a fast learner. I am sure he will learn much if he gets in.
Brave - His hard life has forced him to take risks, and he has adapted as such. He does have limits, of course.
Resourceful - He has always had to provide for himself. This should prove useful.
Stoic - Does not question what must be done. Again, useful.
Experienced - He's not some master warrior, but he has been through much. He may just become very skilled with time and training.

[OOC: This does not make him Jesus or some kind of superwarrior, nor does it make him fearless. He is simply full of potential, and whether or not he will become truly skilled has yet to be seen. Awaiting authorization.]


Uninhibited - We need to teach him where the line is to be drawn if he is going to be accepted.
Easily Angered - This may prove to be a problem if not controlled.
Poor Rationality - He is smart indeed, but he needs to learn what is an acceptable approach to certain situations.


Not the most social person on the planet. Doesn't talk much, and doesn't seem to get humor. He has killed, but only once. It seems he has some emotion in that respect, he needs to learn to kill without being so hesitant, impulsive, and surprised at his actions. He isn't very polite, but that can be fixed. He overall is a rough-around-the-edges loner who isn't used to speaking to other people. Never had a family. Doesn't even know who his parents were, as far as I can tell. It's almost like he's feral, but he's taught himself the basics of life, it's just that what is and isn't acceptable is completely based off his own ideas. Definitely needs work, but shows promise.


Not perfect, but definitely would make a good unit if trained well enough. This isn't his application, though, so I remain neutral.


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