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Post  Yozap on Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:51 am

This is a backstory I found. Since the forums wont let me post links, just know I didnt create it.

Grustabeerg Darkspear was the second born of twins one year before the first war, on the island home of the Darkspear trolls in the South Seas. Twins were a rare occurrence among jungle trolls. Their slim builds made it difficult for mother or children to survive such a pregnancy. Being born second to his sister, Krulav, Grustabeerg was seen as less of a male in the eyes of his father, Nesggu. Tasrau, their mother, seemed to be the only one who cared for the two.

The twins grew up like any troll children would, though the bond they shared was much greater than any other siblings. Being female, Krulav was not seen as an equal among the other male troll children. This was normal for troll society. However, Krulav was able to put those very boys in their place, simply overpowering them into submission so they would stop teasing her. From an early age Krulav excelled at the more physical aspects of troll life, while Grustabeerg spent more time with the priests and witchdoctors among the tribe. Grustabeerg quickly learned how to cast weak hexes to scatter those who would try to harass his sister when Krulav herself was unable to do so.

Fishing was an important part of life living on an island. The two would spend hours gathering as much fish as they could, bringing home as much as an experienced fisherman would (even though it took them twice the effort). Nesggu was normally out with the large hunting parties, so the twins did their best to take care of their often sick mother. Tragically, at the age of nine, they lost their mother to illness. When Nesggu returned home from his hunting party and heard the news he blamed them both for her death and cast them out of his home. Krulav was taken in by one of the more influential hunters of the tribe, while Grustabeerg went to live with his witchcraft teacher. Though living in now seperate homes the twins were only apart during times of their training.

The siblings grew older and became more skilled every day. Krulav became one of the best spear hunters the tribe had, even at a mere 12 years, Grustabeerg however was having a bit more trouble with his hex studies. His teacher had also begun showing him alchemical formulas that could be strengthened with his voodoo, and it was in this area that Grustabeerg excelled. One evening, while the twins were fishing together, Krulav stumbled upon a rare yellow Peacebloom. Grustabeerg of course wanted it to see if it would alter his basic potions any but Krulav would not give up the flower. She placed the flower in her hair above her left ear, as yellow was the color she loved the most. Since he could not use the flower in a recipe, Grustabeerg decided to preserve it forever with an alchemical potion that his master had shown him. Krulav never took that flower out of her hair again.

It was not long after the twins 18th year that a group of orcs led by Thrall landed upon their island. They were seeking refuge from the harsh storms of the ocean as they crossed to Kalimdor. Grustabeerg was astounded by the shamanistic magics that this young orc wielded and saw some connection to his own magics. During the events of Sen'Jin's capture by Murlocs, Krulav and Grustabeerg grew to respect and trust Thrall greatly. As great as their efforts were Sen'Jin had taken a mortal wound and soon no longer walked upon this plane. Thrall then offered Vol'Jin, Sen'Jin's son and new leader of the Darkspear, to join his new Horde. Vol'Jin agreed.

Now members of the Horde, the Darkspear left their island and traveled to the new land of Durotar. Some, including Vol'Jin, joined Thrall in building his capital city of Orgrimmar, while others settled on the islands just off the shoreline of Durotar called the Echo Isles. The peace would be short lived as the third war approached. Krulav and Grustabeerg avoided the war altogether, devoting their time to making their new home prosper. The third war ended, but the conflict was not over.

Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, hero of the humans in the second war, had landed on the coast of Durotar. Enraged at the sight of the orcs living here he began an assualt on the trolls and orcs. The Echo Isles were a target in the attack. Krulav, trying to overcome a powerful illness, took down six soldiers before suffering a mortal wound through her lung. Grustabeerg and other combat able trolls were able to drive off the rest of the attack, but the damage had been done. Grustabeerg held his sister in his arms as she tried harder and harder to breathe until she was no longer able. Enraged at his inability to save his sister with his abilities, he vowed to master the shamanic ways to heal others. Rexxar, Hero of the Horde, put an end to the attacks killing the Admiral himself.

Grustabeerg immediately started his training as a shaman, almost starting his whole life over. He had to carve himself a new path, one worthy of the Horde. For the Darkspear however, misfortune could not be escaped. The vile witchdoctor Zalazane began controlling the minds of his fellow Darkspear, making them commit violent acts against their once friends and family. Grustabeerg and the few remaining trolls left Echo Isles and established Sen'Jin village by the shoreline on the mainland.

Grustabeerg had more trouble learning the healing aspects of the shaman than the destructive abilities the elements bestowed him. He learned destruction is the same power, no matter it's source. His quick mastery of the elements was much needed in the fight against Zalazane and his minions. Nearly five years had passed since the conclusion of the third war before Zalazane met his defeat. Grustabeerg had been a part of the raid, though he had not been one of those to fight Zalazane in his chamber.

Grustabeerg now felt he could no longer stay in Sen'Jin. While war was over, there were still many humans who lusted for the death of the Horde, as well as the ever potent presence of the Burning Legion. Grustabeerg had to help Thrall and Vol'Jin keep the Horde safe the best he could. Still young in his days as a shaman he left for Orgrimmar, leaving behind only a rare yellow peacebloom to drift in the ocean.

In Orgrimmar Grustabeerg continued training with Sian'tsu, who was astounded at how quickly Grustabeerg was becoming in tune with the spirits. One night in a popular local tavern Grustabeerg heard a man calling out in a Thalassian accent for those who would join his guild, with the sole purpose of eradicating the Scourge from all of Azeroth. Enraged at the mere thought that an elf would be in Orgrimmar, Grustabeerg approached the blood elf. Words were exchanged and a fight nearly surfaced. Yet in those tense moments Grustabeerg was able to see resolve in the eyes of this elf, such he had never seen before...but knew all too well.

The next night the blood elf was there again still searching for members to join his not yet established guild. Grustabeerg stood and approached the elf, who poised himself ready for a fight. Grustabeerg bowed before the elf and said "I'm sorry mon, brothers of the Horde shouldn't be fightin, I'll join your guild. My name is Grustabeerg Darkspear, Shaman of Sen'Jin." A brief silence passed, the elf smile and replied "Well met, Horde-Brother. I am Mauritius Dawnguardian, Blood Knight of Quel'Thalas, welcome to the Crimson Brotherhood." The Crimson Brotherhood had been formed.

Over the next few weeks Grustabeerg and Mauritius established a great friendship. Since then the Brotherhood has added the ranks of Professor Bonzo, a powerful tuaren druid. The three partook in many an adventure before Rathamais, a blood elf warlock, brought the raw power of the demonic into the guild. Finally an orc shaman, Aordis, joined with high recommendation from Professor Bonzo.

Now the Crimson Brotherhood takes part in the campaign against Northrend and the Scourge. The Lich King has awoken once more and Azeroth will rot to nothing if none can stand against him. Grustabeerg, now a near master in the healing ways of the shaman, fights with more resolve than ever, never forgetting that one yellow peacebloom.

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Post  Dr. Mannulus on Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:05 am

I lol'd at this. Where did you find it? CGG? LOL
Dr. Mannulus
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Post  Yozap on Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:41 am

Friend made it for a WoW character of his.

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