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Post  Pyro on Tue Jan 28, 2014 10:03 pm

Name: Morgan Bellerose

Height: 6'5

Gender: Female

IQ: 130 (Degree in biomechanics/social engineering)

Personality: Shy, Hardened, Intelligent, Brave.

Traits: Swordsmanship, Masters degree in biomechanics, Free run artist

Morgan grew up in Paris, her father being a metallurgist. She was intrigued by the hinges and doorknobs and most of all, the rings he made. He made silver rings, gold rings, brass rings, and diamond rings, on occasion. Being 5, she asked her father if she could have a sword. Her father chuckled and said, "Okay, I'll make you a sword. But please, be cautious, mon petit chou-fleur." And so he did just that. He made her a life-sized rapier, it was quite light and she loved it very much. He brought her to a swordsmanship class each day, she loved it so very much. She grew up and was in high school, her graduation day. She let herself free of schooling as she ran home with her graduation bundle. She immediately grabbed her sword, sheathed it, but was surprised when her dad and her swordsmanship teacher all jumped out at her and slammed a pie in her face, she removed the pie to reveal a graduation party. Her teacher said, "No lessons today, this day is for celebration." She ate cake with her relatives and friends and her teacher, and her teacher challenged her to a duel, so they both slid open the sliding glass panel that was their back door and she raised her sword. They fought and fought as she finally disarmed him, pointing her rapier at his neck waiting for surrender. Her teacher chuckled and said "You have been taught well. I think you're good enough at swordsmanship for me not having to train you everyday. And so she took his advice.

During college, she was doing well and training against other opponents in competitions. She was constantly learning and training, it was so much, and she loved it so. She was edging towards graduation day and was so excited. That night she drank some Coca-Cola and watched the news, and went to bed. She awoke and found herself very excited, for today was graduation day! She hurried out of bed, and got herself dressed into her graduation uniform. She went up to the stage when it was her turn, giving her speech to everyone, noticing her relatives and her teacher were in the crowd. She spoke, and everyone quieted down, "It is my honor to thank my teachers and my colleagues, for this wondrous time. Graduation feels wonderful, and I believe it is truly an honor to be here. But if you have not gone to college, let me tell you. It's fun but hard at the same time, and if you give it enough effort you can do it yourself. But you have to try hard. You could be on track, but not moving. Soon you'll be ran over. So I recommend you give it your all, and-" Her words were interrupted by loud noises and green lights flashing everywhere. The Portal Storm.

The Portal Storm and The 7 Hour War were both true experiences for her, but she was able to make through it and survive as a citizen. She truly believed if she obeyed and did everything the Combine told her to, she would make it far beyond any other disobedient citizen. She was so determined, she didn't mind this new life. She was transferred from city
to city, every time being obedient and loyal. She was longing her old life but didn't want to look back, so she looked STRAIGHT FORWARD!


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