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Post  Dr. Mannulus on Sat Mar 15, 2014 5:29 am

Since I am leaving in under two months and since activity on GDNM has been absolute zero, the server has been set to be turned off on March 24th.

I do have to state that it annoys me that 15+ individuals swore they will play on GDNM very often / actively if I rebooted it. Out of those fifteen, 4 kept their promise. The rest were bribed to join other communities, complained about low player counts and of course, found HL2RP stale. Our merging attempts have been fruitless at best, with most community's consistent in wanting to remain independent, leaving us and other small communities with little chance of survival when stacked against more grounded/"Popular" communities.

I do have to apologize to the communities we attempted merge talks with. We know that much destruction occured in those communities as parties fought over each other over to go or not. Some of those individuals now no longer have a place to go besides back to the communities they left.

GDNM in my mind and heart was to grow to be a large and original community. We have the most advanced Civil Protection structure, with it's CP Handbook set to be released in the now uncertain future. Our resistance groups were organized and had detail and depth to their creation. Various plugins, maps and addons made the server pop with content and even our decorators made maps look breathtakingly new. Our donators have donated over $80+ in the course of our two months online and I am now sad that THOSE individuals invested into practically now nothing.

I expect little notice of this announcement, considering most have been said bribed and whatnot. This is a shame that the few people that knew the rarity of the roleplay quality and originality will once again be locked away. It is also as such that $150+ went down the drain once more.

And as for those who crack a smile or a huff of amusement at seeing GDNM go down once more as they wanted it too, congrats you got your wish.

In the event you wish to try to keep the server alive, message me and petition this shit. Otherwise, I get $20+ I can use on other stuff next pay.

Finally, for those with ArmA 2 CO...the GDNM Administration and a few of it's members have recently been playing i44 Mod. If you have ArmA 2 CO + Mic. Let me know if you want to join in.

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