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Post  Dr. Mannulus on Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:47 pm

Name: Andrea Stella
Age: 25
Weight: 128
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Education Level: Arts of Psychology - M.A
Birth Date: 5/16/1986



Andrea was born on the sixteenth of April at St. Petersburg Hospital along with her brother Michael Stella. As she grew, she took interest in psychological therapy due to her little brother being born with Down syndrome. While in middle school, she took care of her brother from both hipsters and ill-informed staff who tried to treat Michael poorly. In High School she began to take Intro Psychology classes’ freshman to sophomore year and then college prep classes in Junior-Senior year. Andrea graduated her high school with a GPA of 3.6 with a class avg. of 2.9 making her a smart girl but not the smartest of them all (Highest earned was a 4.673). It was here when she began to attend the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences. During this time, weather patterns began to change as freak storms began to dot the nation, creating havoc in the countryside. Meteorologists pointed towards the sun's active solar rays as the culprit as the sun begins to enter its peak season of solar activity. Residents were urged to move to city zones for safety. This did little to bother Andrea as she began to make plans for her college adventure. The year as of graduation was 2004...

Andrea took up the Psychology major as a freshman and proceeded to take coursework in 'Intro Psych 101' and 'Career and Developmental Issues in Psychology'. It was in her Psychology Career course that she discovered that she wished to enter Clinical Counseling to help her little brother live his own life. She began to take Sociology in her second semester and began making that as her Minor. As the years went on, Andrea began to take more difficult classes such as Biology, Neurology, Adv. Sociology and Intro to Clinical Counseling. In order to graduate on time with her fellow classmates, Andrea took a spring, summer, and fall semester while others only took spring and fall. Within four years, she was able to graduate with a B.A in Psychology (G.P.A: 3.5) and moved on to applying for a Graduate Membership at the Buchtel College of Arts and Science's Psychological Clinical Counseling M.A program.

However, while waiting for a reply from The Board regarding her app, Andrea was informed that Michael was admitted to the hospital with a Ventricular Septal Defect. Andrea proceeded to spend the majority of her time with her brother, talking about Michael's favorite toys and TV shows as the days became a month. On the third day of February of 2008, Andrea was accepted into the Master’s program and celebrated this time with a much happy Michael. She eventually joined a research team focused on the treatment of Down syndrome, using Michael as a volunteer test subject after passing the needed paperwork for human trials. After a year has passed, Michael began to improve not only because of great medical care but because of the care of his sister and her wonderful love she gave to him as a fellow sibling. While doing testing for the research team, Andrea was offered an employment opportunity as a paid intern at Child Guidance for those with mental disabilities. This offer was quickly accepted after a fleet of celebrations from both the research staff and Andrea's parents. It was only three days later that Michael passed away at the age of twenty-three due to a mixture of Endocarditis and the relapsed Ventricular Septal Defect. Andrea proceeded to take a two month leave from college as she mourned her losses.

In the fall of 2009, Andrea returned to her studies and wrapped up her education with a M.A and a GPA of 3.9. Andrea began to work full time for her company, going from mild intern to full Severe Case Study Counselor, assisting a Doctorate Psychiatrist in dealing with extreme situations with people with mental disabilities. As the end of 2010 began to rear its head, the storms began to get worse which prompted scientists to believe that the weather system was in fact because of global warming and a mix of the solar activity. News release of a "Radio Station" known as Black Mesa in Arizona being destroyed by a hydro dam power failure prompted many to argue that this was not the case. Dam explosions don't create a giant crater where a mesa once stood. Andrea began to stay at home as random power outages kept her from doing her office work at the company, leaving her to use pen and paper with a candle as a light. On a brisk morning while the grass still held their mildew, a large invasion took place in Las Vegas, Toronto, Tokyo, Nagasaki, Berlin, Moscow, Mecca, and other cities around the world. Andrea did not have long to take it all in, for shortly after her hometown was invaded as well. Andrea was captured by Overwatch Forces that were quickly created by humans who were captured after resisting the Combine rule. Many say that the first few batches of Overwatch were in fact military units who surrendered and were not shot on sight. Andrea was shipped to a temporary housing facility and spends half of 2011 in this complex with a few other college graduates she found and one of her co-workers. It was not long till a group of a new formed faction called the Civil Protection took her with their group as they began escorting groups of citizens to new population centers...



- Intelligent

- Compulsive

- Deep Thinker

- Understanding of Statistics

- Quiet

- Quick Thinker

- Unable to be scared/diagnosed with any disorder.


- Able to use basic computers.

- Knowledge of any and all Psychological Concepts and Problems (Auth Needed)

- Knowledge of psychological treatments. (Auth Needed)

- Able to administer with a 95% success rate treatment of psychological problems. (Auth Needed)

- Able to do Statistics successfully and correctly. (Auth Needed)

- Better leadership than average. (Auth Needed).

- Morale Booster (Auth Needed).


- Unable to use high class firearms (MP7, Shotgun, Etc) without training. (If used w/o training: 98% inaccurate at ALL ranges).

- Unable to use low class firearms (USP Match Pistol, Stunsticks, Etc.) without training. (If used w/o training: 98% inaccurate at ALL ranges).

- Unable to use explosives (RPG, Grenades, MP7 40mm, Etc) without training. (If used, risk of blowing self up increased unless in heavily open area + 98% inaccurate at ALL ranges).

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