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Post  Christoph on Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:08 pm

Name: Josef Metzger
Age: 41
Height: 5'11
Weight: 151
Hair Color: Black
Education Level: Bachelors in Anthropology. Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering.
Birth Date: 16-March-1970



Born just outside of Günzburg, Germany, Josef lived a life of solitude, never seeing any outisde visitors, never experiencing any new things. As a child Josef had always had an interest with medicine, always going to the one hospital in town. He loved to watch the doctors and surgeons work almost endlessly on the patients. When one patient was treated, another one took his place.

Josef's parents were a very odd bunch of people, his father, a professor of Anthropology at Technische Universtät, in Berlin, and his mother, a stay at home parent. His father was away for the majority of the year, but the times that he was home, Josef cherished. His father would enlighten Josef with stories of the campus and what it was like. The stories stopped when Josef's father died of.. Well.. Unknown causes, when Josef was only seventeen.

The look on his mother's face was shock and astoundment when she looked through the mail that came just about every day. Usually it was filled with junk and other notifications. But this letter she held in her hand, would change Josef's life forever. It was a letter from a college, saying he was accepted. Normally his mother would have been calm and collected, but this was different, way, way different. He had gotten accepted into the same college that his father had thought at for many years.

The train ride was a weird experience for Josef. The low sound of the engine made the ride seem surreal. Here he was, a man from a small town, but on a train to the most well known city in Germany. Getting in to the city, he knew, would be a very large hassle. Luckily it wasn't on the communist controlled side of Berlin, but it still made him scared. The only thing that gave him comfort was knowing that he would arrive soon, and begin his schooling.

He arrived shortly after 20:00, and walked the distance to his small, one bedroom apartment. It was nice, but small none-the-less. He unpacked his things and went to sleep on the small cot he had packed. That night he dreamed of the campus, the way his father had described it. It gave him a warm feeling inside knowing he would soon be studying the same thing his father had taught.

The four years came and went, and soon enough Josef had a degree in Anthropology. He was proud of his accomplishment. Verily, he hung it in a plaque and put it above the cot where he slept. He got a letter from his mother the same day when he went to retrieve his mail. "Dear Josef, I am glad to hear you got your degree, much love from Günzburg, -Love Mother." He thought it was an oddly short letter compared to what his mother usually sent him, but he didn't care all that much.

He spent the next ten years teaching at a small Gymnasium just outside Berlin. He was grateful the wall had been torn down and he could roam freely now. When he taught, he remembered his father often. He spent that ten years earning yet another degree, he attended the same college but only took classes related to the subject. Medicine had always been a dream of his, but this was different. He was earning a Ph.D. In Biomedical Engineering, as well as doing an internship at a hospital.

The ten years couldn't have passed any quicker and before he knew it, he was a professor at Technische Universtät. He taught there for nine years. The best nine years of his life, he enjoyed living the life his father had. He practically lived in his lecture room and was giving lectures almost hourly. He loved seeing all the new faces around and dreaded when.. When "IT" happened.

The flash was blinding, and the explosion threw him back a few meters. He slammed into a wall, time seemed to slow around him as he watched the dreaded soldiers pour out from gunships. The portal that had opened seemed so massive it could have fit an aircraft carrier. He closed his eyes and begin saying a small prayer. He was an atheist, but the severity of what had happened forced him to pray. When he opened his eyes, nothing, would be the same.



- Intelligent

- Highly Educated

- Very Structured

- Quick Thinker

- Understanding


- Advanced surgical knowledge. (Need Auth)

- Advanced knowledge of Medicine, and medical practices. (Need auth)

- Advanced knowledge of Anthropological studies. (Need auth)

- Advanced knowledge in Medicinal drugs and how to create them. (Need auth)

- Basic knowledge in hospital procedures. (Need auth)


- 50% insufficient in medical procedures under combat stress.

- 80% inaccurate when firing a weapon. (Can improve with practice)

- Unable to create medicines in unsuitable lab conditions.

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